Spotlight: The Funeral Doom of Begräbnis


Photo: Begräbnis by Isariyo Atsushi

Begräbnis is fronted by Fumika Souzawa and is one of the few women who are growling in the Funeral Doom field, in fact, I can’t think of anyone else right now. Sure, there are loads of Funeral Doom bands fronted by women but they mostly use Heavenly Voices so Begräbnis is unique in this way. At the end of 2020, Begräbnis released their debut full-length Izanaena via Weird Truth Productions.

Begräbnis started in 2011 although the story started in 2009 as C’est La Guerre without Fumika at that time and one demo was made in 2010 called Satanic Doom Death with three songs and one intro. The slowness was already present there but was further developed with two demos and three split EP’s under the moniker Begräbnis.

In good Funeral Doom tradition, there are only four songs on Izanaena and the total length is around 39 minutes. The album is released digitally, on CD and vinyl, I’ve got my copy of the latter through a European distro. Listen to the full album below.

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Tracklist Izanaena

  1. 因果てど愚弄す (Inverted Cross)
  2. 半月-ハニワリ- (Haniwari)
  3. 食葬 (Mortuary Cannibalism)
  4. ニジガハラ (Nijigahara)
  • Begräbnis is:
  • Fumika Souzawa: Vocals
  • Takashi Harima: Guitars, Vocals (backing)
  • Kyosuke Tanaka: Guitars
Fumika Souzawa

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