Mixtape with new music from Joran Elane, Special Interest, Burning Witches, Secret Rule, New Haunts, Revengin, Dissidents, Faith in Agony, and Spiritbox

Joran Elan

Nine songs for your listening pleasure, today’s post is filled with new music varying from Ethereal to Loud and Noisy so check it out and support the bands. If available, the songs are added to the Loud Unity Spotify playlist. Make sure to follow as it is updated on an almost daily basis.

Photo: Joran Elane

Joran Elane from Germany lends her ethereal voice to her own band Elane, to the band Elenniyah and she does also have a solo project under her own name from which you can find her latest song Take My Hand below. Beautiful dreamy melodies with the enchanting voice from Joran, make sure to follow her socials as more new music is coming our way.

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And from the Ethereal sounds from Joran Elane, we go to the other side of my musical interests, the loud and noisy Special Interest and their 2016 demo Trust No Wave that gets a much-deserved release on vinyl and cassette. After their brilliant album The Passion Of from 2020 its nice to find out about this demo with the roots from Special Interest.


It’s not my intention to put every single that a band releases in these posts but in the case of Burning Witches, their second single surprised me to such an extent that also The Witch of the North is included. The Witches slowed down a bit with this song and now I’m even more eager to hear the full album that will be released on May 28.

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Italian Metallers Secret Rule, do they need an introduction? With Mea Culpa the band will release its seventh studio album and it is set for release date June 3. Blunder is the third single from Mea Culpa that has been released so far and once again Secret Rule does not disappoint, in fact, have they ever?

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Electronic Darkwave artist Alice Sheridan will release her third album with her solo project New Haunts any time soon, with no release date yet to be known. Still Dark Sky is the name of the album and Blame is the second single taken from it. I’ve had the pleasure to do an interview with Alice a few years ago, you can find that HERE.

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Although Brasilian Revengin already exists since 2008, Repairless is my first acquaintance with them and they surprised me with their Symphonic Metal. Vocalist Bruna Rocha takes care of the clean singing and guitarist Thiago Contrera provides the guttural ones and what so surprising is that the song takes unexpected turns. I did also have a listen to their other songs and Repairless does not stand on its own with the surprising turns. If I’m not mistaken a new album should be released in 2021 so stay tuned with Revengin.

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It took me forever to figure out where Dissidents are coming from but I found it, Spain. With Sweet Nightmare the band presents a new single after their 2020 album Moira and I must say that the band has grown a lot since that release, it sounds more full and complete. Moira didn’t get the attention that Dissidents wanted but I’m sure this single will as its excellent music with a rich sound, they have a new fan and it’s me.

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Faith in Agony from France showed the first sign of life since 2017 when their EP Do Not Repeat was released and before that, there was there an S/T EP. And Drowned & Exalted will be their new album and Ghost is the first single taken from it. May 11 is the release date and if the rest of the songs are of the same quality as Ghost we have a contender for the best Alternative Metal release in 2021.

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Before Spiritbox, there was iwrestledabearonce where husband and wife duo Courtney LaPlante and Mike Stringer were both in. Spiritbox emerged on the surface in 2016 and gained much-deserved attention with their 2020 single Holy Roller. And now a new single and in one word, excellent.

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