Mixtape with new music from Frayle, Chaos Rising, Dismyth, Terror Parade, Celtian, Autumn Bride, Aryem, Epinikion, and Hatomic


Nine songs for your listening pleasure, today’s post is filled with new music varying from Doom to Heavy so check it out and support the bands. If available, the songs are added to the Loud Unity Spotify playlist. Make sure to follow as it is updated on an almost daily basis.

Photo: Frayle

Apparently, the House of Wills is the most haunted funeral home in the US and if you’re Frayle, you’re going to record a live EP there off course. Live at House of Wills has become a superb EP with sadly only three songs on it but it comes with a cool feature, the band included also their commentary on the House of Wills.

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I had to look up what a violoncello is but it’s just the long word for what I know as cello, the bass instrument of the violin family that’s held upright and placed on the floor with a seated player. So now that we know that, Chaos Rising present their thirteenth video and I said it before and I will say it again, this is such a cool project. Chaos Rising is a project and each composed song is done with different women and for Limbo, the staff consists of Behnaz Ghavidel (vocals) from Iran, on guitar Catherine Fearns from Switzerland, Natalia Rozanova (Russia) on bass, drums by Renee Cobcroft (Australia) and the violoncello by Ksenia Dolgorukova from Russia.

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Not exactly new music as its already one year old but Dismyth from the Republic of Georgia released recently an official video for the song The Bliss, taken from the full-length album End of the World, and I didn’t hear of Dismyth before but I’m happily adding them to the Loud Unity family, excellent Stoner Heavy Metal.

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Dark Metallers Terror Parade unleashed Guillotine, the latest single from the Australian band and we have some cool shit here, vocalist Zichxyna sings, screams, growls, cries and gives the song a unique personality. Would be cool to hear more music from them in this style, they have also a 3 track EP from 2020 which is also very cool.

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With a name like Celtian you kinda already give away what type of music to expect and yes, Celtian is a Folk Metal band. And if you ask me, one of the better ones, Magia de Luna is the first single from the upcoming album Sendas de Leyenda out June 25 via Maldito Records.

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Autumn Bride has with Suzy Pointinger one hell of a vocalist, really cool how she can sound really fragile at one part and be a powerhouse Rock singer at the other part. Moonlit Waters comes from Autumn Bride‘s debut album, Undying and it’s a debut the band can be proud of. Undying is out since April 30.

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And some more Symphonic Metal, this time from Mexico. Reborn is the first single from Aryem‘s upcoming second album, album name, and release date yet unknown, or perhaps better said, I wasn’t able to find it. I really dig the power Aryem has in their music and looking forward to hearing more from them.

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Strangers in the Dark is the second single from newcomers on the Symphonic Metal front, Epinikion. With members from Belgium and The Netherlands the band is getting ready for the release of their debut album that probably will see the light of day somewhere later this year. I say, bring it on.

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Cool, Hatomic plays Metal the old-fashioned way, which means that their music isn’t fancy or complicated, it’s just Metal and four people having fun playing it. And that’s what makes Hatomic fucking cool.

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