I am a proud Metalhead, interview with Martina Russo from Rebirth


Italian female-fronted Symphonic Gothic Metal band, founded in 1998 and based in Milano, Italy, is stated on the Instagram account of Rebirth and I couldn’t have said it better. And the name Rebirth can be taken literally as the band has begun at its second chapter with the today released EP Storm after years of silence. In 2006 the latest recording from Rebirth emerged on the surface and since then no news till 2019 when they announced to be back and with a new vocalist, Martina Russo.

Photo: Rebirth by Hellucination Photography 

Hello Martina, how’s life these days in Italy?

Hello Stefan, I could say we’re all tired of this “half-life” we’re forced to live but I think the alternative wouldn’t be that better 🙂

On May 7 the new EP, Storm, shall be released, are you excited about that?

I am extremely excited!!! I’m waiting for it for about 3 years when I joined this band and we started planning to record an EP… But As you might know, life is full of “surprises” and suspense. 

Storm has five songs, which one is your favorite and why?

Lost, definitely. I like to consider it “my song”, more than the others (of this first EP) because it took about 5 minutes in writing the lyrics and the vocal line, and it was like both elements took shape directly from a hidden part of me, and the final result left me astonished because for the very first time I expressed feelings I always tried to hyde. So yeah, I really love this song.

Did you have any influence on the songwriting or lyrics?

I would say Yes since I wrote again lyrics and vocal lines of Rebirth songs and left my sign: I’m not a goth lover, I am a proud metalhead and my “guiding” genres are heavy metal, power metal, and of course “monsters of rock”: so I think that the fusion of my influences with Rebirth’s features (definitely more Gothic and doom than mine) created ” a kind of magic” 😉

Does Rebirth have plans to play live or perhaps do a little tour? If so, will there be songs from Rebirths past included?

I think that we can’t make any plans for live shows at the moment, because of the pandemic situation. But in my opinion live shows are “half of the job” in a band life, otherwise, you’re just a “hobby/Instagram band”. Of course, there will be songs from Rebirth’s past but renewed in the sound 🙂

You’re a lyric soprano and I’m curious, how does a lyric soprano get in touch with a metal band? I mean, they are very different genres, right?

It would be easy to talk about other historical bands which had a “classical singer” (a proper classical singer) as a vocalist, but I want to talk about my own life experience: these genres are different, but we are not forced to like only one genre of music in our life, right? The first song I tried to sing was “tears of the dragon ” by bruce Dickinson, then I came to Mozart’s “Le Nozze di Figaro”. For both “things” I use my own voice. It really depends on how much a person is aware of his own characteristics, and (most important) is aware of the need to study and improve every day, without ever repudiating or ruining his own nature.

Do you have other projects going on or is Rebirth your main thing when it comes to singing?

I have other projects, classical singing above all.

How do you keep your voice in shape? Any special techniques you use?

I’m studying classical singing for about 11 years now: no special techniques, I am not a fan of “new age” singing techniques (voicecraft and friends), only free natural voice, amplified in natural face position and supported by a very strong breath and a stable “body structure”.

Last one, thanks for taking the time to answer, anything you would like to add for the readers?

I wish we could come back to play our music live for people who support us since it is only because of them that we can be “known” and appreciated 🙂 thank you for this opportunity, and may the Force be with you all guys.

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