Mixtape with new music from Batibatt, Witch of the Vale, KuuΔelta, Heriot, Moonlight Haze, Abby K, Escapist, Vera Lux, and Nervosa


Nine songs for your listening pleasure, today’s post is filled with new music varying from Symphonic to hard-hitting screaming so check it out and support the bands. If available, the songs are added to the Loud Unity Spotify playlist. Make sure to follow as it is updated on an almost daily basis.

Photo: Batibatt

From the Virago album, released in February 2021, comes Social Mediocre with an official video. Heavy Trap Metal and Batibatt create a sick sound with her insane screams. Absolutely fucking loving it.

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And some more greatness here with Witch of the Vale, the duo that creates some truly Dark Industrial Electronics with Ethereal vocals. With a recently released official video for Commemorate they bring their 2020 released album Commemorate once again under attention and I’m glad they did, an excellent album released via Cleopatra Records.

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KuuΔelta is pronounced as Kuudelta and the cool thing about them is, they incorporate a Sitar into their music which gives it a slight oriental vibe without overdoing it. The Sitar is an instrument that is mostly used in Hindustani Classical music so I find it cool that a Nordic Metal band uses it. Still is the latest single from KuuΔelta, listen below and be amazed by the Mystical Metal from KuuΔelta.

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Fuck me, Heriot from the UK comes by Hard ‘n Heavy with some accompanied devilish screaming. Dispirit is the third single from this relatively new band and Heriot is most definitely a band to watch out for.

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Moonlight Haze gives us an official video for Enigma and the song is taken from their 2020 album Lunaris, the second full-length album from the Symphonic Metallers from Italy. Moonlight Haze is fronted by Chiara Tricarico who also co-founded the band in 2018 and I really dig her voice or perhaps it is because of the Italian language that I like Enigma so much. The album includes an English version as well.

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Pay Attention is the latest single from the Hardrockers Abby K and it is the forerunner for an upcoming album for which Pay Attention the title track is. Some people say that Rock is dead but with bands like Abby K it will have a bright future so bring on that album, the Rock scene needs it.

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Escapist drops all of sudden a new single online and announces a new album with the name The Maze. The band was silent since the release of Hidden Memories in 2013 so it is cool that they are back on the Symphonic Metal front.

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German Folk Metallers Vera Lux presents the official video for Labyrinth, taken from their 2020 debut album Aus dem Nichts. Instantly fell in love with the song cause of the heavy use of the Bagpipe, I really like the sound that those instruments produce.

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You have cool, one step higher would be mega cool, then comes giga cool, then terra cool and all the way up to yotta cool which is basically a quadrillion times cool, and after that, you have this version of Countess Bathory, indefinable cool. Done under the Nervosa banner I assume as it appeared on their YouTube channel but only Diva Satanica took part in this cover and with the legend that co-wrote the song on guitar, Jeff Mantas.

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