Mixtape with new music from Snow White in the Dark, Cage Fight, ODC, Gebrüder Manns, A Dark Reborn, Nergard, Cult of Soteira, Aligned, and Bagira

Snow White in the Dark

Nine songs for your listening pleasure, today’s post is filled with new music that is fucking brilliant so check it out and support the bands. If available, the songs are added to the Loud Unity Spotify playlist. Make sure to follow as it is updated on an almost daily basis.

Photo: Snow White in the Dark

Brand new is Snow White in the Dark and This is not a fairytale is the first single from them. The band is based around vocalist Snow White and she has a delightful rasp to her tone of voice when the power kicks in. I’m really surprised by the Modern Hardrock Snow White in the Dark creates and already eagerly awaiting more music from them.

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A few weeks ago I was wondering if Rachel Aspe would find a new band and BAM, there she is with Cage Fight. The former Eths vocalist teamed up with Tesseract‘s guitarist James Monteith to create this vicious beast of a band that plays a hybrid form between Death Metal and Hardcore. The first single is here and I’m ready for round two.

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Modern Metallers ODC from France presents us a new single, I Love the Way You Fall. I didn’t know about ODC before so I did some digging in their back catalog and found a few singles and an EP from 2019 and a really cool cover version of Billie Eilish‘s song You Should See Me in a Crown. ODC shows improvement with each released single so I’m definitely will be following them from now on.

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Gebrüder Manns from Germany started in 1996, if I’m not mistaken under the name Cup C then, and presents their second single in 2021 after 20 years or so on a pause. Don’t know what their style was back then but I’m guessing it was in the same style as they do now and that is some cool Bizkit worship.

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A Dark Reborn comes from Spain and is cool as fuck with the whirlwind of styles they incorporate in their music. They are a young band, I Can’t Breathe is their second single but they are already a band to watch out for.

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Nergard is the brainchild of Norwegian musician Andreas Nergard who started back in 2010 with Nergard as a studio project with guest artists and released two albums. After that, it became quiet for a few years but the new album, Eternal Winter, is set for release on May 21. Carry Me is the second single and Nergard exists now with a steady line-up, playing the most excellent Symphonic Metal.

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Cult of Soteira from Germany presents their first single ever, Let Me Sway is the debut for these Doomy Metallers. I had to get a little used to the speaking growls from the Priestess, her cleans are beautiful btw, with the first listen but the second listen it already felt comfortable and I noticed that Let Me Sway is actually a fucking brilliant song. Really wanna hear more from them.

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Aligned is the collaboration between Jennie Nord who you might know from Rave the Reqviem and Claudio Oyarzo. Together they already released an EP, Gaia, in 2020 and now the second one, Memories of a Dying Place, is set for release on June 25. With Rebel we have the first single from that EP and although the music comes close to Symphonic Metal sometimes it has a shitload of Melodic Power. Cool stuff.

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Cool, Bagira from Russia has with Alla a vocalist who makes the music really loud and noisy. And when I like a song I always dig into the history of the band and so far Bagira only released singles but as my translations are correct then Ничего святого (Nothing is Sacred) should be the third single from an upcoming album. Would be cool to hear a full album by Bagira as the three singles already sound promising, this is some serious good and diverse Groove Metal.

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