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Cornoctuan’s Doom Metal isn’t just Doom Metal, it contains elements from Folk, Progressive Metal, Death Metal, and Jenna’s soothing voice who also has a mean growl and isn’t afraid to use it. Cornoctuan’s debut album Endangered has been released in September 2020 and recently became available as Digipak with a beautiful 16-page booklet.

Currently, the band is working on new songs and have almost enough songs for a new album, hopefully, they start recording them this summer cause I can’t wait to hear them, and like everyone, they are eagerly waiting for the live shows to start again so that they could do a release show for the Endangered album, till now the band played only two times live and that was before the album was released. And when live shows and touring will be normal again I hope to see Cornoctuan live one day, it should be an interesting experience to see this music live.

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Photo: Cornoctuan by Mikko-Pekka Karlin

When did you start with singing and why did you want to sing?

My mother noticed I was a musical child and sent me to a music playschool before school-age. The teacher noticed I liked singing and that I was good at it, so I ended up being the lead singer in some shows. I don’t remember much of it, but I’ve been told that I loved being in a central role. I guess I liked singing for the same reasons I still like it. It’s an amazing feeling and also interesting when you learn more and notice what you can do with your voice.

Who influenced you the most at the beginning of your career and who are your current favorites?

“Career” is a bit too fine a word, but I can mention some names who have inspired me through the years. First Sharon den Adel from Within Temptation. When I heard her singing on the radio for the first time, I was sold. I started to dream of a voice like hers. The Silent Force from Within Temptation was also my first metal album ever and after that, I started to listen to more metal. Later, female singers like Aleah Stanbridge (Trees of Eternity), Cammie Gilbert (Ocean’s of Slumber), Heike Langhans (Draconian), and Lady Gaga have given me inspiration and I believe I’ve learned something from everyone by listening to their singing. But the person who has given me a real gift is my singing teacher from 2017-2019, Jenni Siuruainen. She did not only teach me how to growl but also how to open my voice, how to breathe, and much much more. My music studies paused when I continued my studies in graphic design but I hope to return to sing with her someday.

What other types of music would you like to sing?

I’d like to try musicals. I often practice with pop and musical songs, but someday it could be exciting to bring that to a stage.

What is the highlight of your career?

Oh, my career is yet so short but so far probably releasing our debut album. It felt good and I think positively that it was a start for something that’ll later grow into something great and beautiful.

What was the funniest moment in your career?

Probably all those times when people have thought that our growler is a man.

Tips for people who want to start singing as you do?

Sing as much as you like, sing for joy! Don’t hesitate to try new things and find yourself a good teacher who truly wants to support you and who you can have fun with. I’d also like to recommend listening to different music genres and practice by imitating famous and talented singers. I learned a lot by just doing that when I was younger. But at some point, find a teacher to check your techniques. Protecting your voice is very important.

We would be very humbled if the readers would take a closer look at Cornoctuan, our music, and our artwork. We have quite a unique set of atmospheric melodic doom metal combined with mythology, graphical art, and the overall visuality of the band. Our debut album Endangered is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. If you’d like to support us, you can get your own physical copy. The digipak comes with a 16-pages booklet including lyrics and art created by Jenna. Also, the digital version of the album is available on our Bandcamp page.

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