Spotlight: The Thrash Metal from Naitaka


From the city Kelowna that is known as the warmest place in Canada comes Naitaka, the Thrash Metal band that is fronted by Cara McCutchen who you might know as the frontwoman for also Canadian based Mortillery that is on hold for now according to the Metal Archives.

Naitaka is the name for a Lake monster that lives in the Okanagan Lake according to Canadian folklore tales and its looks are very similar to the Monster of Loch Ness from Scotland. But Naitaka is also a relatively new band, founded in 2019, with their S/T debut EP being released in February this year on CD and digital.

The band states to have enough material for a full-length but nothing is scheduled yet so let’s hope they make it happen anytime soon as the ferocious vocals from Cara are something that’s keeping the Thrash scene alive. She’s fronting bands since 2008 and hopefully will be going on with Naitaka for a long time. For now, enjoy their EP and stay tuned with them for future updates.

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Tracklist Naitaka EP

  1. Conquer with Vengeance
  2. Slaughterhead
  3. N’ha-a-itk
  4. Fightmare

Naitake is:

  • Cara McCutchen: Vocals
  • Tyler Dake: Drums
  • Troy Melnyk: Guitar
  • John Shippit: Bass
Cara McCutchen

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