Mixtape with new music from Somberwind, Inner Stream, Conquestio, Mystic Storm, Daemonesq, Reality Suite, The Fall of Eve, The End of Melancholy, and Conquer Divide


Nine songs for your listening pleasure, today’s post is filled with new music that is fucking brilliant so check it out and support the bands. If available, the songs are added to the Loud Unity Spotify playlist. Make sure to follow as it is updated on an almost daily basis.

Photo: Somberwind

Somberwind‘s album Remain has been out for a few weeks now and since then on heavy rotation at my house. The old-school Gothic Rock from the duo is awesome I think and a few days ago a new official video appeared on YouTube for the song The Spell.

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Frontiers Music has got themselves a gem with Inner Stream, a new band on the Melodic Metal front. The band from Spain is going to release its debut album, Stain the Sea, on July 16 via Frontiers Music of course.

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Another gem but this time the Crust Punkers from Conquestio. The band from the Czech Republic recently opened a YouTube channel and dropped all their music there and even the demo from 2010, the start for Conquestio. Really cool to hear that demo but the main reason we are here is the official video for Navždy Sám (Alone Forever), taken from the 2019 split LP with Sobras del Descontento.

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The brilliantly Mystic Storm from Russia caught my attention with their cover version of Bathory‘s song Home of Once Brave on the compilation The Endless Cycle of Total Destruction ( A Russian Tribute to Bathory) which’s been released in January this year via Reforestation Records. Get that compilation HERE. And why do I find Mystic Storm brilliant? Well, I grew up with Detente‘s album Recognize No Authority and Mystic Storm plays the same filthy mix of Punk-ish Heavy and Thrash Metal and a few weeks ago their new album Из хаоса древних времен (From The Ancient Chaos) was released.

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Holy crap, Daemonesq from Germany is fucking awesome, In Revenge for Your Scars is the second single the band released so far, and I’ve been listening nonstop to both of them. Black Metal with exactly the right amount of diabolical melody.

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Usually, when a Rockband has a frontwoman who looks as good as Kimmii Heart does, they have tons of male followers, but to my surprise, Reality Suite has a humble number of followers on their socials. Sure they have a lot of them but not the amount I’m used to seeing. Enough about the eye candy, Reality Suite is a kick-ass Rockband and recently released a new single, Triggers, and it’s exactly what I expect from any good Rockband, heavy and melodic with powerhouse vocals and just sheer fun.

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Scottish band The Fall of Eve surprised me, a top-notch Symphonic Metal band and I never heard of them before. Active since 2011 and they have a full-length and 4 Ep’s to date with Beyond the Veil being the latest and it’s this EP that holds the stunningly beautiful song Stay with Me.

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The end of Melancholy from Russia got my attention when their 2019 full-length Paradox Intention was released. Their blend of Alternative Metal combined with the sick grunting and beautiful cleans from Olly Lex was something I could listen to for hours. Sacrifice is the latest single from the band and they keep making me listening to them for hours, an excellent new single and a new one is on the way so stay tuned for that.

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Conquer Divide returned last year on the music front after going on hiatus for a few years in 2018. The five-piece gained a large following in 2015 with their S/T debut album filled with 10 Post Hardcore songs. Conquer Divide has become less noisy since then and the new songs have a broader structure and more variety of influences and I like it, and although I love their previous songs, Conquer Divide has become more interesting to listen to and the songs are highly enjoyable. I’m really curious what they will come up with next.

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