Mixtape with new music from Alexa Van & The Black Outs, Forever in the Making, Inhepsie, Inanimalia, Angelwings, Blind Ivy, Inhuman, Zubathaa, and Existentia

Alexa Van & The Black Outs

Nine songs for your listening pleasure, today’s post is filled with new music varying from Rock, Progressive, Melodic Death and an acoustic surprise so check it out and support the bands. If available, the songs are added to the Loud Unity Spotify playlist. Make sure to follow as it is updated on an almost daily basis.

Photo: Alexa Van & The Black Outs by Kaliphotos

A bunch of new shit is coming soon for us is stated on the Facebook page from Alexa Van & The Black Outs. Well, bring it on then as I’m really curious to hear more from them. Two singles so far have been released and I immediately fell in love with the raw bluesy Rock and the divine power Alexa has in her voice.

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Forever in the Making made a Metalcore version of t.A.T.u.’s song All the Things She Said. It’s good to hear again from this British band, after their 2017 EP, The Space in Between, and a single in 2019, End of Watch, this excellent cover is now released as a single.

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Wait, what? Inhepsie from France is already making their Atmospheric Metal art since 2001, has four albums out and I never heard of them before. I think that Inhepsie could do a little better on their marketing or maybe I could have searched a little better. Never mind, Onirique is taken from their latest album that dates already from 2019 and has now an official video clip.

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Inanimalia from Brasil presents a new single, Homo Divinus, and it’s a lengthy one, over 10 minutes long and the first half you think that you’re dealing with a Doom Metal band but they are unmistakenly a Melodic Death Metal band. This song is brilliantly done and can’t wait for their debut album, Intriseco, to drop, stay tuned for further details.

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Angelwings are back with a new single, Fallen Angel Song, taken from their upcoming second album, Primordium, set to be released on June 18 via Pride & Joy Music. It’s cool that they are still alive and kicking cause Angelwings are one of only three Metal bands from Gibraltar that I know of. What started as a Nightwish cover band has now become serious competitors for the Finish band.

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Cool, Blind Ivy did something I didn’t expect from them, they made an acoustic EP, Levitanaut, with three tracks that the Alternative Metal band from Russia previously released on the album The MessAge Inside from 2017 and one song was a 2018 single called Octagon.

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Inhuman from Belgium was formerly known as Anwynn and as Anwynn they were active from 2007 till 2020 and then they became Inhuman. Not sure why they changed their name as musically they are somewhat still in the same region as before but I have to admit, 100 times better now. The S/T album sounds extremely fresh, modern, and heavy as fuck with epic orchestral parts. Highly recommended for Mayan fans.

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Zubathaa, I have no clue what it means, it could be something like Grim Reaper but not sure, but it is also a band from the Czech Republic that not long ago released their album Take a Scythe filled with Djenth/Progressive Metal and the deadly growls from Kate. This is a very intense album.

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Progressive Metal from Russia with its roots clearly in Hardrock and Heavy Metal. The Planet in the Universe is the debut album for Existentia and lyrically it deals with saving the Earth, a topic that luckily gets more and more attention cause even an old geezer like me understands we only have one Earth. Existentia surprised me with their album, it’s Progressive but not too much, and the album is filled with nice melodies and Maya Gitsina has a very nice somewhat dreamy voice.

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