Spotlight: The Grindcore from Monnier


There is Grindcore and there is mothafukkin GRINDCORE!!! Monnier is the Transcontinental project of Jasper Swerts from Belgium and Makiko Suda from Japan who also handle the vocal duties for Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation, the all-female Grindcore band that’s been killing it since 2001.

The band’s name is likely inspired by Blanche Monnier, a French woman who was famous for being locked in a small room by her mother for 25 years in the late 19th/early 20th century.

In 2018 the first sign of life from Monnier was an S/T EP and a follow-up EP appeared in 2020 simply called EP 2.

The two EP’s are now combined available on vinyl, limited to 100 black copies and 200 with magenta vinyl, released via Loner Cult Records. Usually, I go for the most limited one but in this case, I thought the magenta vinyl looked prettier so got that one. There is also a limited edition on CD via HPGD Productions and the CD is limited to 100 copies and has different artwork.

Find more Monnier here:

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1. The Abyss

2. Writhe In Agony

3. Unwritten Letters

4. Doomsday

5. Dim Light

6. Burning Disgrace

7. Excruciation

8. Depletion

9. 指に絡まる長い髪

10. 深く鋭い爪の痕

11. 道理の隙間

12. 情動

13. 仄暗い光

14. 静寂のけたたましさ

15. 冷たく湿った壁

16. 鏡

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