Spotlight: The Free-style Powerviolence from Self Deconstruction

Self Deconstruction

I’m getting more and more back in the Grindcore scene and discover awesome bands like Self Deconstruction from Japan. Grindcore is probably the reason that I developed some kind of addiction to searching for new music and the trouble with it is that the high is never enough, once I find a new great band and I’m super excited about finding it I already start searching for the next great band to get super excited about.

With Grindcore I found out that there was a huge scene with bands that released 7″ with a huge amount of songs on it and for some reason I really liked that back then, I remember that I had also a CD from Sore Throat with over 100 songs on it and my CD player back then couldn’t handle it cause it could play only up to 99 songs. Ah, the troubles we had back then before everything became digital.

Finding new music is easier today so Self Deconstruction came on my radar. The band was founded by Kuzuha on guitar and she started with Self Deconstruction in 2010 after she spends some years in Sete Star Sept.

On the first EP from 2012, the band used both male and female vocals but changed that somewhere around 2015 I think as Kubine is listed as the only vocalist on the 2016 album Wounds. The band had more releases before 2016 by the way. On their latest S/T ep from 2019 Kubine is still listed as vocalist but nowadays the threesome has Marino as vocalist.

As Grindcore best can be experienced live I have for you their gig from May 16 2021 at the Grind Bastards Fest. Check out their links as they are releasing loads of limited cool things such as vinyl and tapes.

Find more Self Deconstruction here:

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