Interview with Patricia Pons from Synlakross about their latest album OK4M1


Synlakross from Spain has just recently released it’s fourth full-length album, OK4M1, a concept album about a creature that’s half-human and half-alien. Synlakross is rooted in Melodic Death Metal, but they develop their own style more and more with each album by adding other genres like Metalcore and Progressive to their musical art.

Photo: Synlakross by @sr.cottonblue

Hi Patricia, how’s life these days in Spain for you and how is the common mood of the inhabitants?

I think the common mood is “uncertainty”. But that’s what I think. Everybody is optimistic now with the vaccine.

OK4M1 is the title of the new album and has the concept of a creature from outer space. Can you tell a little more about OK4M1?

It’s a beautiful, dark and full of energy album about the life of a creature half human- half alien called 0K4M1. The album is out now. I invite you to listen to it and give your opinion. I hope you like it.

Three songs so far have been released and they show a huge improvement in sound and style so congrats on that, can we expect some more songs after April 30 when OK4M1 is officially released?

Yes, but I can’t say anything yet, sorry. Stay tuned!

Synlakross started out as a Melodic Death Metal band and while the Progressive parts were always there it seems that OK4M1 is loaded with Progressive parts so how would you describe Synlakross now?

Killer metal music! We do what we want and we are always open to trying new things. And that’s exciting! Each new album is a new project, a new goal.

Where was OK4M1 recorded and how did the process go?

At Novo Estudios, in Valencia, Spain. The process is always fun and exciting. 

How are you gonna promote OK4M1 in current times? No tours and most likely no festivals either.

As far as we can. This album is too good to be forgotten in a drawer.

For 11 years now you’ve been singing with Synlakross, how do you keep your voice in shape?

I always do warm-up and cool-down exercises when I sing. I’m always looking at how to improve and how to add new techniques.

Is there another type of music you would like to sing?

I sing exactly what I want to sing. I can’t imagine myself singing in other styles than metal.

Besides singing you also design the artwork, how do you come up with ideas, and did you study for it or are you a natural?

I don’t know. For me, it comes in a very natural way. I have a design degree, but there are things that I have learned on my own.

Last one, thanks for answering, and is there anything you would like to add?

My pleasure. Thank you very much for this interview and sorry for my late reply! I invite you all to listen to our new album 0K4M1. If you like what we do, support the band by buying merch at For all of you who are reading this interview, I know we are living very hard times, but life is very short. Now more than ever we have to fight for the things that matter to us. “Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.” – Winston Churchill

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