Spotlight: The Blackgaze from Embrium


Photo: Embrium by Jude Allen Photography

Embrium came on my radar when I did a few days back a mixtape with Arcane Existence and vocalist Jade Ordonez is involved with both bands.

Released on June 4 this S/T EP is the debut for this young band, founded by guitarist/vocalist Mosahefu in 2019. In 2020 she had written the first song and after hearing it Jade decided to join and together they recruited Alan Onymous on bass and Joey Menicucci on guitar. For the drums was Andrew Baird from Fallujah used as a session drummer.

The EP contains three songs and with its first listen I got a Love Spiral Downwards vibe that changed quickly when the first blackened part came bursting in and at first it’s confusing cause you really get ripped away from the soothing music that the EP starts with but the next time a Black Metal part tear up your eardrums in the song, you get it, its part of the art, its part of the emotion and quickly you will see that the back and forth between the calmer parts and the blackened parts are actually quite coherent.

Conclusion: this is fucking awesome!

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