Spotlight: The unholy union of Metal and A cappella from Hellscore


Silly me, I always thought that Van Canto was the only one doing this A cappella thingy but nope, there are others doing it also and while Van Canto uses a drummer, Hellscore is doing it by their voices only.

Hellscore is founded by Noa Gruman, the choir leader at Orphaned Land and she’s also the vocalist for Scardust. Together with around 40 choir members, they are doing covers of Rock and Metal songs and make accompanying videos for the songs.

To name a few bands that had the honor of getting a cover song from Hellscore, Slipknot, Linking Park, Judas Priest, and Hellscore’s latest cover is no one less than Metallica with For Whom the Bell Tolls and you can check that one out in the video below.

The diversity of the songs and the approach Hellscore uses to cover the songs make them really interesting to listen to. With Van Canto sometimes the songs sound the same and Hellscore’s biggest strength is the diversity in the songs besides the all very talented vocalists.

Find more Hellscore here:

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