Mixtape with new music from Bad Waitress, Vouna, Splitmind, Death Valley Girls, Splendidula, Alfheim, Demon Incarnate, Avowal, and Lingua Ignota

Bad Waitress

Nine songs for your listening pleasure, today’s post is filled with new music varying from Punk to Black and Doom so check it out and support the bands. If available, the songs are added to the Loud Unity Spotify playlist. Make sure to follow as it is updated on an almost daily basis.

Photo: Bad Waitress by Kate Dockeray

Bad Waitress is going to release their debut album, No Taste, on September 3 via Royal Mountain Records and the first single is here. Strawberry Milkshake is a very catchy Punk Rocker, I’ve got Shake, Shake, Shake stuck in my head probably forever now. Wish it was already September, I wanna hear the rest of the album.

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Blackened Doom Metal is what Yianna Bekris brings us with her project Vouna and on July 16 the mighty Profound Lore Records shall release the second full-length album Atropos. References with My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost are being made, with the two songs I heard so far I’m thinking also of Thergothon but with Ethereal vocals, sometimes it’s that slow. Vouna has a live line-up and I would really love it if they ever came to Europe.

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A new single from Russia-based Splitmind, the energetic Metalcore outfit that’s destroying the stages in Moscow with their shows. Splitmind is still an underground band but with Omen, the band is most certainly ready to go a few steps higher on the ladder.

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Originally released back in 2014 and now gets Street Venom from Punk-ish Psych Rockers Death Valley Girls a Deluxe Edition with vinyl and digital release on July 23 via Suicide Squeeze Records. Fun to hear the early years of the Girls, till now I only knew their 2020 album Under the Spell of Joy, the song Hold My Hand even made it to my personal playlist.

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Splendidula is according to Wikipedia a Sea Snail and the name of this slow-moving species actually fits perfectly for the Sludge Doom from the band from Belgium. Oculus is taken from the third album Somnus that had its release in January this year and now the band presents an official video for the song. Somnus had its spins at my house since January but cool to see a visual now with it. I noticed that the splatter vinyl version has a restock and you should get one as the artwork is stunningly beautiful on the big format.

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It is not strange if you never heard of the French Alfheim before as it is a new band on the Melodic Death Metal front but they dropped a debut album that shows much potential to get to the top. Seven songs are on Viking Soul and each song is different, the song Get Out can even be labeled as a ballad. This is one hell of a debut album.

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Demon Incarnate has a few days ago released its third full-length album, Leaves of Zaqqum via Metalville. The band has got a more fuzzy guitar tone since the last album, the 2018 album Key of Solomon, but the characteristic voice of Lisa is still present, and also the excellent Stoner Doom, and its a cliche but Leaves of Zaqqum is definitely Demon Incarnate‘s best album till date. Btw, I did an interview with Lisa in 2018, find it HERE

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Avowal from the US presents their first single ever, High King Margo The Destroyer Creator. The song is taken from Avowal‘s debut EP, Feast of the Familiar, which should get a vinyl release later this year or early 2022. Most people probably are going to call this chaotic music that’s recorded in a basement and performed by untalented people but something is appealing to me in this messy Deathly Thrashing Punk music and I actually see the beauty of it.

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If you’re only looking for Metal or Punk, listen then to every band above but if you’re looking for stunning music that’s not Metal or Punk check out then Lingua Ignota and the single Pennsylvania Furnace, taken from the upcoming album Sinner Get Ready, out August 6 via Sargent House.

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