Mixtape with new music from Seeking Tragedy, The Dreamside, Gentry Blue, Crashing Atlas, Ranthiel, Orkhys, Anette Olzon, Vorlust, and Hellfynder

Seeking Tragedy

Nine songs for your listening pleasure, today’s post is filled with new music varying from Psychedelic Rock to Blackened Speed so check it out and support the bands. If available, the songs are added to the Loud Unity Spotify playlist. Make sure to follow as it is updated on an almost daily basis.

Photo: Seeking Tragedy

Seeking Tragedy‘s song Hacksaw is one of the evilest things I heard in a long time without the intention of being evil. The Progressive Metalcore band has just released their debut album Entrophy and it’s a fucking awesome album. It’s rugged and sweet at the same time and the songs keep on surprising you, even after many listenings.

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The Dreamside has been releasing music since 1994 now and much respect to them for still doing it. There’s Magic to be Done is their latest single after a hiatus for some years and although there’s more guitar now, the song reminds me of the 1994 debut album Pale Blue Lights and that was actually one of the albums that got me interested in the Gothic/Wave scene back then. Some more new songs are in the work so stay tuned.

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Gentry Blue took a time machine to go back to the 60s and record their debut EP Pyrite and Steel. Psychedelic Hard Rock that would have suited the stage of Woodstock very well.

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More Hard Rock but the modern type this time, Crashing Atlas recently released their debut album Black Sky Sunrise and it’s a killer. Highly energetic and the boys and girl created an album that hasn’t got any dull moment and is pleasant to listen to every day.

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Shatter Me in a Metal version sounds actually cool and I really like that the violin is still there as it was an important part of the original song. Ranthiel is a singer, session musician, model, makeup artist, producer, and fashion designer from Argentina. I think one job is already though and she’s got six jobs!

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Orkhys from France is new to me and I was surprised by the wide range of influences the band includes in their music. The Devil & the Impudent is taken from their upcoming debut full-length that should be available somewhere around September this year. I guess we can label the music from Orkhys as Symphonic Metal but sometimes it has more power than a bulldozer.

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Another powerful surprise I didn’t see coming, Anette Olzon‘s new album is way heavier than its predecessor Shine from 2014. I only heard Parasite so far, but I feel that the new album will surprise everyone. Strong will be out on September 10 via Frontiers Music.

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The mighty Bonestripper is in hibernation but the two vocalists are going on with bands, Marcelle started Vorlust and Ami started Hellfynder. Marcelle sings and plays bass under the monicker Cunnes. Sick, ultra sick, almost War Metal sick is this split EP which Marcelle recorded with Astral Butcher. I know it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I love it.

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Remember Bonestripper from above? Ami goes under the monicker Feral now and with Hellfynder she released a new single after the 2020 demo. The S/T single sounds more in you’re face than the demo but both are already cult if you ask me. Satanic Speed Metal as it’s supposed to be.

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