Taught me the hard game of the music business, interview with Andry from The Harps

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Andry Lagiou formed The Harps in 2010 in Athens, Greece and she was doing covers mostly in the beginning but songwriting became more and more a part of her life so in 2017 the album Love Strike Doves saw the light of day. In the same year, she was a contender for The Voice of Greece where she performed songs from Rainbow and Deep Purple which gave her global attention with millions of YouTube views.

Hi Andry, how are things going in Greece at the moment?

Hello, things are ok for now. Well, there’s hope that we get back to normality again at least soon. Most clubs are officially closed so no one knows what’s gonna happen cause it’s financially tough, but the weather’s always good, lots of greek food and life is going on.

The 2017 album Love Strikes Doves is about to get a physical release in the form of a CD via Sleaszy Rider Records, I guess that is a proud moment after all those years to see the album on a physical format isn’t it?

Yes yes, 2 of July it will be available worldwide whoever wants to order cd online or buy it in stores he/she can simply ask for it. It’s a proud moment because I’ve always believed that I would find the right people in my life that support what I do no matter what. Tolis is a great man and he believed in me as much as my endorsers Viper Guitars, Leo Theo my designer, Lizard Spit, and many more.
I thank them for everything.

How did the contact with Sleaszy Rider Records start, who approached who to release the album on CD?

Actually, my sound engineer here in Greece told me about Sleazsy and that they’re interested in me. I told Tolis, hey, I got an album already, I’m finishing my second one but it’s gonna take a while and he said we’re gonna release LSD first. And here it is available for the world on hard copies.

Two new singles were released in 2020 with one of them being a Christmas song, where did you get the idea to make a Christmas song?

Well, I have a friend from iheart radio he always plays my songs on his shows and he said, hey Andry, why don’t you write a Xmas song? And I was like well, it’s kinda late for that. But then I laid down and thought that yo, whatever it’s late when I say it’s late. So I came up with the story of the bad guy Santa that disrespects Mary. Don’t ask me if I had Tim Burton in my mind, obviously Yes! Scary!

What is the future going to bring for The Harps, are you working on more new songs?

I’m always working on stuff. I’m not going to give up as much as situations and life force me to. I’m filming my next video mixed by Jay Ruston(Anthrax, Sons of Apollo, Steelpanther, etc) and just finished a mix by Bill Metoyer (Slayer) on another of my songs. I also welcome my new keyboardist and dear friend Alessandro Bertoni (Graham Bonnet) to the team.

You were a contestant at The Voice of Greece and made it to the knockouts, how was the whole experience to be a contestant for the show?

Tiring but really fun. I loved the respect I got from Musicians after that (Glenn Huges, Billy Seehan, Jeff Loomis, Walter Trout, etc) and fans. I didn’t know how the industry worked till I found out, thanks to my closest friend Tommy Bolan (Warlock) he’s been a mentor to me and taught me the hard game of the music business. He also showed my performances to Doro Pesch and she loved it.
The overall Voice period was fantastic since everybody knew who I was and that experience is one of a kind.

You had four seats turned at the blind auditions so you could choose your own coach, what made you decide to choose Sakis Rouvas?

It was by accident, haha, really. Well, he wanted to test me if I could do Led Zeppelin and I jammed with the band live on Tv, never done before in the history of The Voice. So I did, but this pissed me off a bit cause I was super tired after 12 hours waiting for a 1-minute song – so I chose him.

You are very active on social media with several accounts, isn’t it difficult to fill all those accounts with content almost every day?

Very much you need time to eat, sleep, vocal training, actual training, and a thousand more tasks but I love my fans and the way we interact so I don’t wanna leave them. I’m on Cameo btw. Whoever wants real-time video shoutout book me on Cameo.

You have many cool cover songs on your personal YouTube channel, but one stood out to me, It’s a Man’s World from James Brown. I think you did an amazing performance there. How do you decide which songs you want to cover and put on YouTube?

Since I’m versatile I speak 3 languages I chose whatever I feel free to, different genres, etc. This version is from my favorite Xtina. Most of the time those covers are just a warm-up before I start recording for real and if I feel like uploading something I just do it.

The last one, feel free to share anything you want to mention, and thanks for taking the time to answer.

I would like to mention all the people that are working with me right now but this could take a page or some. So again I wanna thank my team (director, lights, engineers, designer,) that when I have a crazy idea they’re always there for me we co-working and we give the 100% of ourselves. The fans of course without you guys there’s no music. And of course the media partners that show so much interest and love.

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