The musical rituals from Nytt Land

What started as a side project of the Siberian Folk-Rock band Ylande in 2013 turned out to become one of the leading bands in the dark shamanic ritual Folk music.

Nytt Land was founded by Anatoly and Natalya Pahalenko and in 2014 the first sing of life became an album called Nytt Land and was released under the Ylande name. In 2015 Nytt Land became a real band and the album Hávamál was released. Four more albums and a couple of singles later we are now listening to their latest album, Ritual, released via Napalm Records.

I know the band since their 2018 album Odal and ever since then I followed Nytt Land with great interest and it was fun to see the band get better with each piece of music that was released but with Ritual the band definitely earned their seat at the table with the likes of Wardruna and Heilung. From now on Nytt Land is no longer creating music in the style of the aforementioned bands, Nytt Land will now become an inspiration for other bands.

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