Hyloxalus goes beyond Power Metal

Photo: Hyloxalus by Dana Zuk Photography

Hyloxalus is a genus of poison dart frogs that lives mostly in South America and it is also the bandname for the duo Mike Bell and Nina Laderoute who are hailing from Canada.

With Aposematic the band released it’s second EP and while the demo EP from 2019 is filled with more or less traditional Power Metal, with Aposematic things are way beyond that. Four songs from which one of them is a cover from Black Mirrors of their fantastic song Moonstone and Hyloxalus created their own perfect version of it.

The whole EP is drenched with influences from other genres other than Power Metal and with opener Voices from the Septic Hollow they even created a song that will be on my own forever playlist, such an amazing song with the tribal vibe and Nina’s voice.

Hopefully Aposematic is the forerunner of more great things to come from Hyloxalus as I’m really exited about this EP.

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