Mixtape with new music from Sepsiss, Dreamer N Fighter, Holocynic, Heartsick Heroine, Gods of Decay, Da’vaim, The Dark Side of the Moon, Samad, and Warriors of Light

Nine songs for your listening pleasure, today’s post is filled with new music varying from serene to evil so check it out and support the bands. If available, the songs are added to the Loud Unity Spotify playlist. Make sure to follow as it is updated on an almost daily basis.

Photo: Sepsiss

The Metallic Rockers from the US got recently nominated for The New England Music Awards for best Hardrock/Metal act 2021 and a nomination like that you don’t get easily so Sepsiss must be holding some qualities within their ranks. Give Sepsiss your vote here:

Oh and hey, a new song also from them.

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In the 90’s Indonesia gave birth to countless extreme underground bands who reached me through tape trading so I’m having some sort of special relationship with Indonesia when it comes to music. I always loved the rawness that these demos had and although D N F ( Dreamer N Fighters) doesn’t play extreme underground music but Heavy Metal there is still a certain amount of rawness present. Zombie Attack is D N F‘s latest single.

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Progressive Death Metal gods Holocynic from Colombia are getting ready for the release of their debut full-lenght. Black Ink is the first single and OMG, this shit is brutal as fuck and with some face melting vocals from Daniela Suarez.

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Heartsick Heroine dropped an official video for Burn it Down, taken from their 2020 album Aetherial. I didn’t know the band before but fell immediately in love with their highly energetic Hardrock and the powerhouse vocals from Hannah Maddox.

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Here’s a new one for me, the band is labelled as Post-Grunge Gothic Metal. But okay, after hearing Suffocate You i can relate to that. And I actually like the chaotic, but well structured, vibe that Gods of Decay has. Would be cool to see them live on stage one day, I think they are one of those band that improvise a lot on stage and hence creating a unique show.

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From Down Under comes Da’vaim, a five piece Hardrocking band named after the vocalist Stella Da’vaim. With Sacrifice the band present a new single after their 2020 EP Incandescent. Offcourse I had a listen to that EP and the progression the band made is immense, Sacrifice is way better than their older material so that’s making me curios for the future and more music from Da’vaim. Only trouble we have is that the sound quality on YouTube is bad, play it on Spotify and the song burst out of your speakers.

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The Dark Side of the Moon is new and got signed by Napalm Records before there even a band was, just only this song, a cover from the Games of Thrones Jenny of Oldstones. Now i have to say that I’m probably the only one am who never watched GoT so I don’t know the original but I do recognize a good song when I hear one and this is definitely a good song.

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Samad from Qatar, well, they are the first band I ever heard from this country and i didn’t even know there was a scene over there but apparently Samad is already making Hardcore music for more than 10 years. Imposter Syndrome is taken from their 2020 EP Raw Power. I should investigate the scene in Qatar a little more as Samad is delivering some sick tunes.

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And the last one for today, Warriors of Light who are dropping some serious Industrial insanity with Apokalypsis (9:6). I definitely wanna see this live someday, it should be an awesome experience.

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