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A tribute to: Sacrilege

One of the criminally overlooked bands back in the 80s who had a major impact on the extreme Metal music scene is Sacrilege from the UK. They are now recognized as influence on many later bands and as a band that wasn’t afraid to experiment with styles.

Before the formation of Sacrilege guitarist Damian Thompson and drummer Andrew Baker released a pair of punk demos under the name Warwound. In 1983, the duo joined The Varukers. Damian left The Varukers after less than a year in 1984 to form Sacrilege with Lynda (Tam) Simpson (Vocals), Liam Pickering (Drums), and Tony May (Bass).

In 1984 and 1985 the band recorded two demos and contributed songs to compilations and even one to the Anglican Scrape Attic, a flexi 7″ released by Digby Pearson, who later formed Earache Records, with bands like Hirax and Concrete Sox among others.

Drummer Liam was replaced by Andrew Baker and Sacrilege recorded their debut album Behind the Realms of Madness in 1985. This album was the perfect mix of Hardcore Punk and Thrash Metal, Sacrilege was heavily influenced by the newly emerging sounds such as Slayer and Metallica.

The second album, Within the Prophecy, was released in 1987 and Sacrilege moved more into Thrash Metal territory which frustrated a lot of the original punk followers.

The band underwent significant line-up changes and the third album was released in 1989. Turn Back Trilobite is now regarded as a classic of its day but back in 1989 a lot of people raised an eyebrow when hearing the new direction the band took, from Punk/Thrash to a Folk-ish Doom Metal band.

Not long after the release of Turn Back Trilobite the band disappeared from the surface and bandmembers started playing in other bands. Somewhere in 2014 news appeared that Sacrilege was working on a new album and in 2015 a re-issue of Behind the Realms of Madness was released by Relapse Records with a brand new song on it. Till date that’s the only new material that Sacrilege released, on social media the band is still active but not much news on new songs so far.

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