Melancholic, dark, gloomy, full of emotions, here is the new single from Infirmum

Melodic Doom/Death Metal band Infirmum from Finland has released a new single, Sleep of Reason. The band was formed early 2019, and they have released a full-length Walls of Sorrow (2020) and the EP The Great Unknown (2022).

Photo: Infirmum by Alex Sleäze / Cerulean Midnight

Vocalist Anna Rose backgrounds the song:

“This is a song that started taking its first shape a few years ago, before I even joined Infirmum. It is a song born of frustration, meant to express the despair of existing in an ever more uncertain world. While it is a salve, a way to vent all those feelings, it is also a herald of our doom. If I ever wrote an actual funeral dirge, this is it!”

Guitar player Timo Solonen continues:

“As soon as Anna joined Infirmum in the summer 2020, she told she had lyrics ready for a song called Sleep of Reason. She also had vocal melodies ready for the chorus.

I did my best to compose the whole song around the chorus’s vocal melodies and get the atmosphere to be right for the song based on the lyrics. I think results are quite good but wasn’t easy I have to say.

Teemu Mastovaara did arrangements for the cello and perfect job he did.

Also, Erna’s keyboards, Hanska’s drums, Joonas’s guitars and bass are excellent. Eliel’s growls works perfectly. And Anna? Well, you really have to love her voice.

This is the end of an era.”

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