Listen to the brutal Emasculator

And with brutal, I mean BRUTAL! Emasculator is an international band with its members in the US and Czech Republic and I somehow missed the release of their promo back in August 2022 which was limited to 100 copies.

Luckily, Sevared Records is doing a re-release and again limited to 100 copies and with different artwork. The promo is rather short, but it’s 8 minutes of sheer madness.

Emasculator consist of:

Mallika Sundaramurthy – Vocals (Unfathomable Ruination, Nidorous, ex-Abnormality)
Teresa Wallace – Guitars (Cartilage, Dreaming Dead {live})
Morgehenna – Bass (PoonTickler, ex-KryptKeeper)
Ball Mincer- Drum Programming

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