See and hear Mordian’s tribute to Bathory

Originally written by Thomas Forsberg AKA Quorthon (1966 – 2004), the song Ring of Gold from the 2002 Bathory album Nordland I have got the perfect tribute from Mordian, the USA based vocalist.

Lara Mordian has under her own name recorded some tribute songs such as Gethsemane from Nightwish and now a tribute to Black and Viking Metal icon Bathory.

And it turned out to be a beautiful tribute, Mordian‘s version of Ring of Gold has the same atmosphere as the original version and Lara’s mournful vocals fits in perfect. The visuals in the video are also absolutely stunning and contribute to the overall mood of the song.

Lara is also active in the Symphonic Metal acts Diamorte and Shield of Wings and besides tribute songs she records also solo songs, listen to that HERE.

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