Sit back and relax with Ison

Today is the release day of Stars & Embers, the fifth studio production from Daniel Änghede with his brainchild Ison. Stars & Embers is the third full-length after two EP’s, Cosmic Drone in 2015 and Andromeda Skyline in 2018. And to make the list complete, the debut full-length Inner-Space came to life in 2019 and was followed by Aurora in 2021.

Album artwork by Carolynn Haffner

This is not a review of Stars & Embers as I suck at doing reviews, but I just wanted to express my feelings about this album as it’s beautiful in all of its forms. After her appearance on the previous album, Lisa Cuthbert has now become the main vocalist for Ison while on the previous albums there were multiple vocalists. And sure, there are some guest vocals on Stars & Embers including Mikael Stanne, Dimming, and Circle&Wind. And then is there Daniel Änghede, who provides vocals, guitars, bass, drums, keys, synths, and programming.

Ison is not the type of music you blast in your car at full speed, it’s the type of music you listen to when you get home after a long day, and you need to relax and want to listen to some soothing music. Ison has become a little less Metal and seems to be more focusing on the graceful spheres, but Daniel still brings in the riffs when the mood is ready for it.

Stars & Embers has become a beautiful album, it’s ethereal and fragile, and you need to take the time to listen to it to fully appreciate it.

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