Anareta drops New Orleans influenced Blackened Orchestral Metal

I don’t know whose idea it was to start using Violin and Cello instruments and even create real orchestral parts to be included in the music, but Anareta creates some mighty fierce Orchestral Blackened Metal.

With the anguished and howling vocals from Sarah included, Anareta really creates unique atmospheres in their music. Below you can find Anareta‘s first official video shot by Patrick Coulon. I really like the super 8 film style of the video and its message, as it seems the song Black Snake is inspired by or pays homage to the water protectors who protested the Dakota Access Pipeline as well as the Bayou Bridge Pipeline.

Anareta‘s debut album Fear Not is out since April 8, 2023, and it is an interesting one, I know that for sure.

Anareta is:

Sarah Jacques– Lead Vocals, Bass
Carey Goforth – Guitar
Boyanna Trayanova – Drums
Louise Neal – Vocals, Violin
Mackenzie Hamilton – Vocals, Viola
Sam Hollier – Cello

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