Singing was something that very quickly then became an addiction, six questions to Jen Vaughan from Shadows Calling

Ireland can be proud on the musical endeavors from Shadows Calling, their debut EP Spirit Shifter is a Hard Rocking beast with four songs on it. Shadows Calling blends touches of Grunge and Alternative Metal into their Hard Rock and has with Jen the perfect Powerhouse vocalist who isn’t afraid to sound fragile also.

6 questions to… is a series of questions to artists about themselves, answers can be short or long and each artist gets the same questions.

Photo: Shadows Calling

When did you start with singing, and why did you want to sing?

My name is Jen, and I’m the singer with Shadows Calling. I started singing from a toddler, but was never aware I could actually sing until I was a teenager. Singing was something that very quickly then became an addiction, and I needed to sing every single day.

Who influenced you the most at the beginning of your musical journey, and who are your current favorites?

I grew up listening to all types of music, my parents could hear Metallica, Slayer, Guns N Roses and Mariah Carey blaring from my room ! And they never told me to turn it down either (which was really cool of them 😂). I was always at my happiest surrounded by music.

What other types of music would you like to sing? 

I love to listen to all types of music and have sang lots of different styles in different bands along the way, but my favorite will always be the heavier music with gritty vocals and lots of growls. Or as could say (“ a bit of balls” !!!) 

I was heavily influenced by Skunk Anansie growing up, and currently I adore Halestorm and The Pretty Reckless.

I also play classical piano, so someday would like to incorporate that into some of Shadows Calling songs.

What is the highlight of your musical journey?  

The highlight so far for me in my musical journey is to release an EP with my Brother Darren O’Keeffe who is one of the guitarists with Shadows Calling. He was always a huge influence for me growing up  when it came to the heavier music, if he was listening too it, then I wanted to as well.

What was the funniest moment in your musical journey?

My funniest or at least most embarrassing moment would be wearing a leather pants on stage one night – I ended up like that dude from Friends and only for this lovely soul I met in the bathroom who kindly gave me her cardigan to tie around myself I’d still be in that bathroom to this day 😂🫣

Tips for people who want to start singing as you do?

For anyone wanting to sing, I can’t stress enough to take care of your voice. Treat it like it’s your most prized possession. And also to understand and accept that everyone is not going to love you – and that’s ok ! 

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