Hear some of Docka Pussel’s Psychometal

I was really surprised when I stumbled upon Docka Pussel from Spain and their latest album Underdogs that’s been released on March 31, 2023. Underdogs is their third album, with their debut album Sleek & Psycho from 2014 and Animal Queendom from 2017.

Photo: Docka Pussel by @rubenmontejofoto

Off course, I did also listen to their previous album and their Psychometal style was already present back in 2014 but has been crafted into more perfection on Underdogs. Singer Zark sings and growls in what only can be described as a whirlwind of styles and influences, I hear even some Grindcore parts on Underdogs, but also Jazz influences, Groove Metal, Nu Metal and Pop/Rock parts. And yet, Docka Pussel manages to make the album sounds as a whole.

So, congrats to Docka Pussel for creating an outstanding album. Would be cool to see this shit performed live by them once.

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