No fashion, no trend, just pure Black Metal on Ernte’s new album

When a quality label like Vendetta Records from Germany did not only release the debut full-length back in 2021 but also the second full-length, then you know it’s quality music. Ernte from Switzerland released Albsegen on April 7, 2023, and just like its predecessor it’s well crafted Black Metal.

Photo: Ernte

Being a duo, V. Noir does all the guitars, bass, drums and programming, and Witch N. does the vocals, bass and violin. Inspired by the freezing cold atmospheres from the second wave of Black Metal, Ernte is devoted to keep the Black Flame alive.

Albsegen will not reach the masses, but it’s not Ernte‘s intention to do so. For about 50 minutes, Ernte takes the listener on a journey that’s filled with sinister melodies and atmospheric darkness, accompanied by the hateful vocals from Witch N.

Absolutely recommended for those who like to pull their blackened music from the underground.

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