Each of us can sing, six questions to Tatiana Chugunova from Oggend

Oggend is loud but not aggressively, their Metal has a strong oriental vibe, you can even call their music Oriental Metal, but I hear also some Punk influences and that makes Oggend interesting, all those different influences makes them original. And not to forget the effort Oggend puts into their videos, they look really amazing and fit well to their music. Vocalist Tatiana was so kind to answer six questions.

6 questions to… is a series of questions to artists about themselves, answers can be short or long and each artist gets the same questions.

Photo: Oggend

When did you start with singing, and why did you want to sing?

Music accompanies me all my life. As a child, I graduated from a music school with an accordion class. But I have been singing not so long ago, about 3 years. My husband is a guitarist and composer, he has played in many bands of different genres, watching him, of course, I wanted to immerse myself in this world. Finally, my old dream came true. It all happened by accident and unexpectedly. I am a very keen person and I started doing a lot of things: from drawing to fire show and tribal dancing. But singing is my magic that helps to express myself completely, share my energy and get to know each other better.

Who influenced you the most at the beginning of your musical journey, and who are your current favorites?

I’m a music lover, but bands like Jinjer, System of a Down, Sepultura, Hatebreed, Melechesh influenced me and my musical perception most of all.

What other types of music would you like to sing?

I love different genres and musical directions, cultures and traditions. Most of all, I like their merging and mixing. That’s what we’re doing at OGGEND.

What is the highlight of your musical journey?

It was only when I started composing and singing that I realized that not only singing, but also music itself is real magic, an unknown force and energy that can inspire people to many achievements, teach a lot. This is a universal language that helps us all feel that we are one.

What was the funniest moment in your musical journey?

The funniest stories happen on the record and at the rehearsals. Even when you make a mistake, it can look comical, because it’s about your perception. Some of this I want to make like a ringtone sometimes.

Tips for people who want to start singing as you do?

Each of us can sing, the most important thing is to find the key inside ourselves. Never doubt what you are doing if you really like it. Yes, everything will not work out right away, but gradually you will begin to notice your growth and this is the most amazing and magnificent feeling. Do not pay attention to the negative reaction, be confident in yourself and always strive to surpass yourself. And then the result will not keep you waiting. I wish everyone good luck, strength and patience in this difficult, but pleasant, fascinating action.

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