Yes, the new album from Cornoctuan is finally here

On my feed today, I noticed this morning that Cornoctuan‘s highly anticipated sophomore album Beyond the Polaris is finally out. Had a quick listen to the songs while doing other things, but I quickly realized that I had to stop, I needed to sit down and relax and really listen to Beyond the Polaris.

Photo: Cornoctuan

And I’m still listening to it because the album deserves it. The main ingredient is Doom Metal, but Cornoctuan‘s Doom Metal isn’t average, there are elements from Folk and Progressive woven into it and all accompanied by the ethereal voice from Jenna who is also responsible for the beautiful artwork.

And with one look at the artwork, you already can understand what feelings shall emerge when listening to the album. From beginning to the end, Beyond the Polaris is a listening journey that reaches out to the cosmos and will make you travel between worlds.

I recommend everyone to listen to Beyond the Polaris in full and really take a seat for it, the album deserves it and don’t be scared if you hear Jenna’s mean voice sometimes.

If you want to know more about Cornoctuan‘s Jenna, I did an interview with her somewhere in 2020 what you can find HERE.

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